Imagine if you could convince me to do a lesson that’s not part of a comprehensive long term solution? Well, sometimes I do that … but it’s a long shot


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Come on, man! Why not just do a lesson or two … what’s so bad about that?

Well, in a way, you’re right.  It’ certainly better than nothing.  But I’m pretty committed to creating long-term results, so you’re not calling me back in a year to work on the next obedience command or behavior modification issue.  More often than not, these individual lessons are done with previous clients hat have a lifestyle situation that changes for some reason.  For example, they move to a new house and some new behavior issues crop up, or they get a second dog.  In cases like that, I know you won’t need a full program.  Though, it never hurts to ask I guess.  If you think your situation warrants a lesson or two then give me a call and we can talk about it.

How much do individual lessons cost?

Individual lessons are $125.00

What are these long-term oriented programs you’re referring to?

I do programs that involve a set of private lessons at your location that focus on teaching you to be a better coach and teacher of your dog.  Many clients, about half way through lesson one, remark, “oh, this seems more like it’s about me learning new things!”  That really says it all.  If you gain new knowledge, then apply that new knowledge with some repetition, you create new communications skills with your dog.  Consequently, your relationship with your dog shifts and, that new relationship, coupled with your new-found clarity of communication, shifts your dog’s behavior for the better.  The programs focus on three broad steps in training.  I take you through:

  • relationship building
  • developing core skills, and then
  • Creating default rules or policies” for how you live your everyday life with your dog.

The various programs are:

  1. The Dog’s Way Puppy Head Start Program (for puppies 8 weeks to 6 ½ months old)
  2. The Dog’s Way Basic On-Leash Program (for dogs 7 months and older that are not dealing with aggression issues),
  3. The Dog’s Way Advanced Off-Leash Program ( This is a continuation of the Basic Program work)
  4. The Dog’s Way Aggression Issues Program (This program is for adult dogs that are dealing with aggression issues and need work desensitizing from stimuli that triggers aggressive behavior)