This program is for puppies that are aged 14 weeks to 22 weeks

Young puppies need an intensive period of socialization. If this is missed, it can affect a puppy’s demeanor and social capacities for a life time. It’s clearly better if you can devote several hours a day to social exposure, conditioning and coaching for a month or so. If you’re too busy to take advantage of this crucial socialization period, we’ve got a program to assist with this crucial time period.

This program involves boarding your puppy with Sean for 4 weeks:

Your puppy gets to hand out with Sean and learn the following:
  • House breaking/potty training
  • Handling exercises to prevent nipping and puppy biting
  • Daily socialization in varied settings
  • Basic household structure and rules
  • Resource interruption exercises
  • Intro to meeting people
  • Introduction to obedience
  • Intro to sit
  • Intro to down
  • Intro to leave it
  • Intro to come
  • Drop it

Cost: $3,995.00

NOTE: Puppies are eligible if they have completed their full vaccination cycle or are scheduled to receive their final vaccination during the first week of boarding.