This course covers:

  • This program advances all your current skills to off-leash proficiency
  • Longer recalls, sending under distraction and obedience commands at distance
  • More variability and progression in distraction work and proofing

Number of lessons: 3 one-on-one lessons at your home or local park

Prerequisites: Training 301

Cost: $395

dogs in an off-leash obedience training

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is the progressive work for all of your current obedience skills to off-leash proficiency.

Sean teaches a relationship-based method that doesn’t rely on food as a primary training tool. The method of training relies on social cues, reading your dog’s body language, and social reward in training. The method relies on accurate positive reinforcement of what we do want and guidance, direction and correction with a leash following Sean’s “minimum threshold of effective communication” principle.

The progression to off-leash work overlays our long line work with a remote training collar that uses either vibration or static electricity. Each modality is determined based on the minimum threshold principle.

  • 6-foot leash
  • Training collar
  • 6-inch training tab for indoor use
  • Longer long line
  • Light line & check cord
  • Remote training collar
  • Place board